Play by The Henchman of School Shooting

Do It Again by Nada Surf

Now I Wait by Goathanger

Done with Dallas by Bradley Carter


Most music provided by Mevio's Music Alley. Bradley Carter is a friend of the Diaries. 

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Shinin' Boys

John and Patricia


Catfish from Ocheesee Landing

You can find more of David's photos of the Chattahoochee here

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Four years ago, Mikey Schaefer started showing me short video clips he took with his point-and-shoot during his time in El Chalten and Patagonia. Spindrift avalanches. Open bivvies. Terrifying winds. It was gritty and honest.  Chaotic and real enough that it made me think twice about whether I was the kind of climber who really had what it took to do an FA on a Patagonian spire. “Keep pulling out that camera,” I said. “We are going to need a lot more of that.”

Well, Mikey did. And we supplemented Mikey’s footage by turning to the community and crowdsourcing as much as we could. The result is Force, a short film about Mikey, a community and a landscape.

We took it one step further and created an evening of stories, photos, film and community. We are visiting Patagonia stores across the globe. Mikey will be presenting some of his favorite photos and we’ve partnered with local non-profits at each stop. At the end of the evening, Mikey will sign and sell nine of his favorite images. Proceeds go directly to the hard-working organizations.

Watch the trailer, then see the film for free at these locations across the country. 

Feathered Friends
119 Yale Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 292-2210


1000 NW Wall St
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-6694


Patagonia Portland
907 NW Irving St.
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 525-2552


Patagonia San Francisco
770 North Point
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 771-2050


Patagonia Boulder
1212 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 479-2387


Paragon Sports
867 Broadway
New York City, NY 10003
(212) 255-8889


Patagonia Meatpacking
414 West 14th St
New York City, NY 10014
(212) 929-6512


Patagonia Boston
346 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 424-1776


Refreshments will be served and Patagonia will be giving away a Nano-Air Jacket at each event (all attendees have a chance to win).

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Dan was kind enough to share some photos of one of the smaller treehouses from the Treewok episode. Enjoy!


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My Misery by Wolf Boy Slim & His Dirty Feet

Crampbone by The Cassettes

Slow Burn by Black Fire Pistol

Whenever You're Ready by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Music courtesy of Mevio's Music Alley


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Over the coming months, the team at Duct Tape Then Beer will be rolling out six short films on a variety of outdoor topics. Remember the t hree types of fun? Here's a refresher.

Type 1 -- Fun in the truest sense of the word. This is fun to plan. Fun to do. Fun to talk about afterwards. For example, a powder day, climbing on a perfect fall day.

Type 2 -- Fun in theory. Character building in the moment. As selective memory takes over, it becomes fun. For example, anything involving the word alpinism.

Type 3 -- Life changing. This is the moment when things go wrong and leave a lasting imprint on who we are.

With this in mind, we set out to create six films that encompass the breadth of fun. Some feature just plain fun and others go to our community's complicated issues. There is no website, no facebook page dedicated to the project. The project will live through you. If you watch one of the pieces and it speaks to you, please share it. We will do our best to keep you posted. Our first film The Gimp Monkeys came out last week. We've been really pleased by how it's been received. I'm excited to see it on the big screen at this year's Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Thanks, Fitz, Becca and the Duct Tape crew

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Can you pledge?

First off, thanks for taking the initiative to click on our pledge button. We are reaching out to the community that has supported us for the last six years, while also maintaining our sponsors. Many of you have asked whether you could donate. And we've always said, "Thanks, but no." The Diaries are stories that come from you, they belong to you; we are merely the curators. They should be free, and will remain so.

But to those of you that have asked to throw in a few bucks, to those who the Diaries has helped give you that nudge to quit a bunk job, to find happiness that isn't defined by normal, to move closer to the mountains that give you such joy, please consider pledging today. Regardless of how marketing budgets may shift, we are committed to keeping the Diaries going for as long as we can.

Help us make sure that the Diaries are there for the next person in need of that nudge. That gift is yours to give. Take hold of it. 

Whatever level you can pledge support at is helpful for us to keep sharing the stories of our community.

We do have a few incentives.

If you can pledge at the $100 (up to $249) level, we will send you a "Fun Divided By Three" T-shirt

If you can pledge at the $250 or more level, we will send you a "Fun Divided By Three" sweatshirt.

(If you already have one- Thanks! Leave us a note through the magic of Pay Pal and we'll get you something else.)

If you'd like to pledge old school, email us and we'll send your our address. 

And if you want to set it and forget it, we have a Yearly subscribe option. Every year, you'll pledge your support anew. Until you ask to be taken off the list, which we'll do immediately, of course. But why would you want to do that?

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All pledges made through PayPal will be listed as made payable to Duct Tape Then Beer, our parent company, which is really just us.

Thank you so much!
Fitz and Becca

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Thank you for your pledge. Your support will help us to keep fostering creativity in our community and bringing you the best stories out there. A receipt for your pledge has been emailed to you. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Fitz and Becca

The Dirtbag Diaries

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The Love Letter went live yesterday. Thank you for all the support.  The response has been incredible.  In less than 24 hours, hundreds of you have watched and shared this piece. The Love Letter Facebook page submissions have been incredible. There are four weekly prizes of packs, gear and subscriptions to Climbing Magazine, but it seems to have moved beyond a contest and become a collection of some pretty cool stories. If you are curious to read more about the trip, the Climbing Magazine article should hit the shelves shortly. Thanks again.

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Call for Stories The Summer break is coming up in August and I will be out gathering stories. We’ve got some cool stories already planned for next fall, but there were a couple of ideas I wanted to work on and I’m hoping to get people’s input.  So if you’ve got an idea or a story that fits within these concepts, let me know by dropping us an email.  The Dirtbag Diaries is driven by listener input. Your thoughts matter.

1. Partners – I’m hoping to compile a story about partnerships.  We rely on our closest friends and our significant others to motivate for adventures and endure epics.  Those shared experiences can result in some funny and serious moments. If you’ve got a story about a favorite climbing partner or a story you’ve heard, it would be great to here about them.

2. The Economy – I’m curious. How has the economic downturn impacted the Dirtbag Nation?  In difficult economic times have the mountains and rivers become more important or something that you can’t afford. For most of us, wilderness has always provided us a viewpoint on which to reflect on our lives. The natural world can provide important perspective on life in the flatlands.  Has the economy impacted you directly?  Let me know. I know we are all looking for escape, but sometimes it’s worth covering important topics from our perspective. After all, who else out there is going to do it?

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Update: Climbing for Cancer Research Megan Sturdy first wrote me about a year ago. She had two distinct and seemingly incongruent passions – climbing and curing cancer. In Sturdy’s mind, there was no reason that her dual passions had to conflict. I invited her to participate in 2009’s Year of Big Ideas.

A PhD student in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Sturdy has figured out how to harness the energy of our community to further her lab’s research into Cyanobacteria’s potential role in curing cancer. Sturdy created a system for climbers to help collect water samples from high alpine lakes in order to test chemically unique strains of Cyanobacteria. Now, she has targeted the remote and isolated island of Samoa and its alpine lakes for her next collecting trip. The trip will require grants, a little dirtbag ingenuity and a good-old-fashioned climber’s gathering.

On Saturday June 6th, Sturdy, with the help of Muir Valley owners the Webers (Rick Weber is in the midst of his own struggle with cancer), will hold a climbing scavenger hunt and fundraiser. Teams of two will start climbing. At the top of each route, competitors will find clues that will lead them towards their next route.  “I want to throw the angst, fear and competition dread out the window,” Sturdy wrote. “This is about climbing camaraderie.”

There will be prizes, BBQ and events to keep the little ones busy. So if the Red River Gorge is in your neck of the woods, check it out. It’s events like these that make our community so special.  The dirtbag you’re tied to might be curing cancer when she’s not cragging.

When: Saturday, June 6th
What: A scavenger hunt to raise money for cancer research.
Suggested Donation: $20

For more information, links and directions to the event visit Climbing for Cancer Research.

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The Chill Program is a non-profit, learn-to-ride program for under-served youth in urban areas across the U.S. In short, it's a kick-ass program started by Jake and Donna Burton of Burton Snowboards fame that gets 2,200 youth who have never ridden before and probably wouldn't have the opportunity to do so other wise out on the slopes. It's not some photo-op program either.  The Chill people do it right. This isn't just a chance to try snowboarding; it's a chance to learn. The program last six weeks. Participants receive lift tickets, rentals, transport to the mountain, lessons and most of all a pretty unforgettable time. 

I've been involved as a volunteer for Chill for about three seasons now, and am always blown away by the impact it can have (You might remember this Story). Snowboarding isn't going to solve the world's ills, but this program can have a pretty powerful influence on some (certainly not all) of it's participants.  Most of's a frickin blast to volunteer.  Check out their site for locations. I'd highly recommend it for people looking to get involved in their communities.

Music Today

Self TitledMatt & Kim
"Yea Yeah" (mp3)
from "Self Titled"

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My Favorite ThingsSubstantial
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Urgent Update: Rio Baker Dam Construction Begins International Rivers emailed last night.  The construction of dams in the Rio Baker watershed is underway. Despite not having formal approval to begin the project, HidroAysen has built a workers encampment, started blasting and building tunnels. 

Please, if our latest episode, the Adventurer's Parable rang true, please take a moment to help. Here is some more information from International Rivers: your outrage at HidroAysén's flagrant disrespect of corporate environmental responsibility by taking part in our ongoing on line actions with Home Depot and ENEL. Home Depot is our US target, and we are insisting that they take a stand on this issue (Dam Home Depot Not Patagonia) by refusing to purchase wood from the Matte Group, the main Chilean partner in the Patagonia dam proposals. Our latest internet action is focused on ENEL, the Italian energy multinational that controls more than 90 percent of ENDESA. For those of you who have already written to these companies, now is the time to get more friends involved to tell Home Depot and ENEL to protect Patagonia!

Thanks for your time.
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I've gotten a bunch of emails pointing out I had overlooked something. In Mr. Smart Goes Big (Year of Big Ideas 2009), two of the contributors have really cool projects in the works.

Megan Sturdy is a climber and scientist working at the University of Illinois Chicago. She has figured out a way to incorporate here two seemingly incongruent passions -- cancer research and climbing -- into a singular project. Last year, Sturdy launched Climbing for Cancer Research. Her mission is two-fold. First, Sturdy is hoping to travel to Samoa where she can employ her climbing skills to reach lakes containing rare strains of cyanobacteria, which she uses in her research (I'd explain but it's above my pay grade). Second, she wants to get climbers involved in the collection process. Check out what you can do to help. Sounds kind of fun.

Also Shane Robinson of Episode 15 fame is taking part in The Kamchatka Project. A team of ripping boaters who also happen to be scientists, photographers, filmmakers and marketing types hope to shed light on the world's richest wild salmon spawning grounds deep inside Kamchatka Peninsula. Kayaks will be the vehicle. Conservation is the mission.
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