Drew Hamilton makes a living by taking tourists out into the remote Alaskan wilderness to hang out with brown bears. No fences, no guns--just Drew, and the eight hundred pound, six and a half foot tall, Ursus arctos horribilis of southern Alaska. Most people call them grizzlies. These days, he does it, in large part, as a unique way to protect this magnificent landscape from the proposed Pebble Mine.

For the fifth installment of our Endangered Spaces series, our producer Jen Altschul takes us to the mainland of southern Alaska to to better understand the threats to this landscape and community, to better understand the economic drivers that keep the threat of the Pebble Mine alive and to meet the extraordinary people doing everything in their power to protect this special place.


To stay up to date on the latest from Pebble mine, visit SaveBristolBay.org and PebbleWatch.com

To stay up to date on Pebble particularly as it relates to McNeil River and the bears, visit: HelpMcNeilRiver.org

To see more of Drew’s photos, visit: DrewHH.com

Want to go see bears with Drew?! Check out: GoSeeBears.com

Check out a map of Cook Inlet here.

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